Faith, Fashion & Fulfillment.
Empowering Women of Purpose, Esteem, and Worth.

Mia Verde is an empowerment community where women come to reach their fullest potential. We provide a place to learn, connect, and discover next level thinking and lifestyles. We work diligently to enrich our members spiritually, emotionally, professionally, and physically. Through training, coaching, and mentorship, Mia Verde’s mission is to transform each individual into their highest self from the inside out.


Faith: Divine Esteem Non-Profit

We are a faith based sisterhood that uplifts each member by providing the coaching and mentorship necessary to support your journey of purpose, discovery, and development.


Fulfillment: Career Coaching 

Point Solutions Career Services specializes in Corporate Organizational Development Consulting and Private Career Development Coaching.

Fashion: Mia Verde The Boutique

Gain access with discounted pricing to our private boutique where each garment is hand selected for the sole purpose of enhancing your image to align with the transformational growth you will experience as a Mia Verde Woman.


 The Corporate Convert 

a Personal Coaching Program that Focuses on How to Escape Your 9-5 and Transition to Full Time Entrepreneurship!  

  • Define your passion and true purpose.
  • Discover which business will align with your core values and goals.
  • Learn the business model that will allow you to transition to becoming a full-time entrepreneur the fastest.
  • Start building your brand and client roster immediately.
  • Create a full proof transition action plan to escape the politics of Corporate America. 

The Corporate convert implementation support 

Membership Based Business Support    

  ·       Daily Business Support

  ·     Business Networking

  ·     Exclusive downloads

  ·        VIP access to Live Events & Conferences

  ·        International Support Community

  ·        Special Webinars

  ·       Access to One-On-One Mentorship

  ·       Group coaching

  ·        Access to member forums

  ·        Yearly retreats

  ·        Entrepreneurship Tutorials 

  ·        And so much more!

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