During my travels I recently stumbled upon a  beautiful vintage camera shop that was filled with history and nostalgia. The beautiful cameras got me to thinking about the art of photography. Whether it be a spontaneous selfie for social media or an elaborate editorial photoshoot for a magazine, the result is the same. A purposeful snap
Happy Monday! For those of you who live for the weekend, you understand that there is nothing like two days of freedom to do whatever you want or need to do. By Sunday evening most of us are winding down and preparing for the week ahead only to spring out of bed on Monday morning
Sometimes it can seem like the harder you work and the closer you get to whatever it is that God has promised you, the further away the promise actually becomes. It drives you further and further until you feel like  you have nothing left to give and the promise will never be reached. This reminds

Mushroom Street Tacos

This recipe is a quick go to when I am looking for a meatless option that will fill me up and offer a rich meaty flavor. It is simple, quick, and very delicious! Ingredients 2 tbsp. vegetable oil One package of Baby Bella Mushrooms Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder to taste 8 Mission White