The Corporate Convert Career Transition Workbook and Planner (Interactive Course)




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Start your business and discover financial freedom with the ultimate career transition program! The Corporate Convert Workbook and Planner is a step-by-step guide to escape Corporate America by creating freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur.
Here’s exactly what we’ll cover in The Corporate Convert Career Transition Workbook and Planner.
Your Mindset Shift –
· Learn the 3 keys necessary to shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur.
· Discover your passions and explore business startup possibilities that align with the authentic you.
· Create business goals that will enable you to focus your time, money, and energy on the things that bring you and your business value and progress.
Find Your Framework –
· Identify your target audience
· Establish a business model that aligns with your goals.
· Create a unique brand that connects with your audience.
· Gain the confidence to charge what you are worth by creating an effective pricing strategy and signature offerings.
Leverage Your Influence –
· Create a marketing strategy that will attract your ideal clients and customers.
· Leverage connections to create transitional streams of income.
· Build your brand identity and present yourself as an expert in your field.
· Learn to develop compelling content that will increase your business exposure.
Prepare to Launch –
· Develop a transition action plan that will serve as your blueprint guide from full time employee to       entrepreneur.
· Learn which business basics to prioritize as you position your business for the fastest growth.
· Design a dynamic website that reflects your business mission with content that will convert visitors to customers and clients.
Change Your Frequency –
· The importance of alignment when positioning your business for success.
· How to choose the appropriate resources to help scale your business after the startup phase.
· Prepare for roadblocks and learn to overcome obstacles that may threaten your business mission and derail your growth.
· The practice of gratitude and how to use your own instincts to guide you to what’s next.
Create a 12 month plan of action that will organize and prioritize your startup business goals as well as keep your transition and growth timeline on track!


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